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Future Vision.

Embracing literary evolution, our visionary editorial crafts stories that transcend boundaries, igniting minds and shaping the future of literature.

Product Design.

Bookshelf, ergonomic bookmarks, leather covers, minimalist spines, illuminated pages, foldable stands, vintage typography, embossed titles, customizable dust jackets, pocket-sized editions.

Inovative Solutions.

E-books, interactive narratives, AI-driven storytelling, augmented reality literature, smart bookmarks, virtual book clubs, personalized content, blockchain publishing, adaptive learning platforms.


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Digital Strategy
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We're more than a digital agency

Empowering independent authors, our editorial embraces diverse voices, ensuring quality and market appeal. Our specialized agency offers comprehensive services, from editing and design to marketing, supporting authors in navigating the publishing landscape and achieving success in their literary endeavors.

Who we are

We are a dedicated literary powerhouse and specialized agency, championing independent authors. Our team combines editorial expertise, creative design, and targeted marketing to amplify unique voices, fostering author success in the dynamic world of publishing.

Our philosophy

At the heart of our philosophy lies a commitment to empowering independent authors. We believe in fostering creativity, maintaining editorial excellence, and providing tailored services to authors, ensuring their voices resonate in the vast and competitive realm of literature.

How we work

Our collaborative approach blends editorial prowess and personalized services for independent authors. We prioritize author vision, offering comprehensive solutions from editing and design to strategic marketing, ensuring each unique voice resonates and thrives in the literary landscape.

What Clients Say.

From all over the world

My experience with the services provided by Happy Big Brains has been truly remarkable. Their meticulous editing, personalized guidance, and effective marketing transformed my manuscript into a literary gem that far exceeded my expectations. Highly recommended for aspiring authors!.

Aron Smith, Publisher

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